An innovation partner for the digital world

Through the digital platforms we have created for the ATP World Tour, the tennis world knows us as a leader in the data and digital domains. As for our clients, they recognize that we can handle their most challenging mandates and shape their innovation agenda.

Welcome to a new data dimension

Every industry sits on a universe of data that can be monetized – seeing how Infosys is harnessing ATP World Tour data helps our clients understand how machine learning can enhance data foresight for their business.

Tom Perry

Director, Software Development (Data & Integration) at Elsevier

'I have been through the Infosys innovation Zone and its really interesting especially around the data and analytics & real time tennis, putting together historical data with real time data to generate insights'

Jeff Rouse

European Director – Online, Liberty Global

“I think we’re still looking at data in black and white. For us, this is color and context. So it’s not just about the data and insights, but how you visualize that and present that, and I thought it was fantastic.”

Scott Davis

Head of Technology, AIMIA

“I was really interested with the way they make the data a bit more actionable. It’s easy enough to find some insight, but it’s really about what you can do with that insight.”

Transforming customer experience with digital technologies

The era of engagement as we know it, is over. The Infosys-ATP engagement offers valuable learnings to all businesses looking to engage audiences in an era where technology-driven experiences drive enterprises forward.

Discovering new business possibilities

If you're one of our business guests at an ATP World Tour tournament, we do more than getting you the best seats in the house. We help you see your business in a completely new light with our workshops and technology showcases.

Jonathan Kini

CEO, Haven Power

“What I was really interested in, looking at the work Infosys has been doing is how they’ve captured true insights, true customer insights from the data. Because if we can do that in the energy sector, actually we can make life a lot easier for customers.”

James M Blickendorf

Senior Leader IT, Vantiv

“I was really impressed with this data and analytics capability we saw tonight… To be able to apply something like that to the data that we have – all 23 billion transactions – turn that around, potentially repackage that back out to a value-added actual revenue source for Vantiv would be a huge capability. I’m pretty intrigued and excited about what that capability might do for Vantiv.”