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Désirée Duray

Désirée Duray

International journalist, speaker and media-coach

Désirée Duray is a German-Dutch moderator, multilingual presenter, international journalist, speaker and media-coach based in Cologne (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bahrain (Middle East).

Désirée is at the very top of the presenting scene in Europe and beyond - interacting with heads of state and very senior company CEO's, working for mayor EU organizations as well as international blue chip corporations worldwide.

She hosts TV and WebTV shows, all kinds of business and social events, galas, symposia, congresses, conferences and trade shows fluently in English, German and Dutch.

Désirée Duray loves being on stage and interacting with the audience - and her clients from all over the world love her fresh and spontaneous way of presenting, her at the same time elegant and strong appearance, her wide range of know-how in various fields of application, her sure feeling for successful shows and events – turning them into a memorable experience, her intensely focused energy combined with the typical German virtues and her healthy sense of humour.


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