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Jonquil Hackenberg

Jonquil Hackenberg

Managing Partner, Infosys Consulting

Jonquil has extensive cross-industry expertise in employee experience and digitalisation of the HR function; global supply chain management and sustainability – and the organisational change effort all this entails. Currently she primarily works with Consumer Goods clients although is brought in to other industries as an expert in deep-seated organisational change for these areas. She is a regular contributor to Forbes and has represented Infosys on the BBC World Service.

A passionate advocate of sustainability, life-long learning and diversity within the workplace, Jonquil mentors ocean technology startups; lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin; heads up the Diversity and Inclusion agenda for Infosys Consulting in Europe and represents Infosys at the World Economic Forum Sustainability Summit on emerging technology in support of sustainable supply chains; sustainable workforces and work places.

Prior to joining Infosys in 2008, Jonquil jointly set up a CRM consultancy which was ultimately sold to Hewlett-Packard. She has a BA Hons degree in modern languages from the University of Birmingham (UK) and Università Cattolica Milano (Italy); an MBA in Renewables from University of Applied Sciences, Berlin (Germany) and also the Executive Global Leadership Development Programme at Stanford University (USA). Jonquil lives in Berlin and is based in London, UK.


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