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Murali S. Palanganatham

Murali S. Palanganatham

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Select Portfolio Servicing

As Senior Vice President and CIO of Select Portfolio Servicing, Murali Palanganatham has a clear vision on leveraging Cloud and the ability of an organization to adopt & drive a Cloud Strategy, with an approach continuously focused on risks and security. He is one of the early adopters of Infrastructure-as-a-Service model and has been on this journey at Select Portfolio Servicing for past few years. Murali has also leveraged Platform-as-a-Service & Software-as-a-Service models in Public Cloud environments, which is providing significant scalability, elasticity and flexibility. As a visionary IT leader, he has leveraged Cloud capabilities to solve complex business problems in a highly regulated environment using well-defined process, best practices and governance to ensure a fully secure environment.


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