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Sundi Balu

Sundi Balu

Lead Partner, DigiB

DigiB’s Lead Partner and Bain’s Senior External Advisor, Sundi Balu has been recognized by Hong Kong and Asian IT Telecoms Media as being a leading technology innovator and Digital Transformation thought leader. That is partly why he has chosen to focus on helping telecommunications businesses thrive through Digital Transformation, accelerating the convergence of Network and IT software, extracting maximum value from 5G and IoT and striking the optimal balance between growth and cost economics

The specialized industries he has worked in throughout his commendable career spanning over 25 years include: Managed Services, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Professional Services, Engineering Consulting, Natural Resources, Health Industry and Logistics.

His knowledge and experience, backed by a strong belief in growth, empowers the DigiB team and provides directional clarity. This helps the organization focus on delivering exceptional outcomes, even during periods of significant transformation.


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