Thought Leader

Damian Bunyan

Damian Bunyan

CIO, Uniper

Originally from the UK, Damian moved to Germany in 2004 with EON. In 2006 he joined E.ON’s IT arm where he sat on the board of their internal IT Services business. E.ON chose to outsource significantly and with that Damian and his teams have learnt to work intelligently with a variety of off shore providers including Infosys. With the creation of Uniper, Damian was asked to become CIO of the new Uniper business. He purposefully steered away from a shared service model. His team kept a passion for building partnerships to produce maximum technology benefits at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Uniper exists to help societies master the energy evolution underway, Uniper believes that technology will play a key role in managing and reducing CO2.


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