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John Hiskett

John Hiskett

Head of Infrastructure & Technology Transformation, MSAmlin

John Hiskett is the Head of Infrastructure & Technology Transformation at MS Amlin, a leading company in the Insurance industry. With over 27 years experience in Information Technology and substantial industry expertise in Insurance having served as the CTO for Aspen Insurance for over 5 years, following a career with Blackrock and Merrill Lynch John joined MS Amlin in October 2019.

John has significant experience of working to deliver Technology Infrastructure. He has spent many years working in a regulated environment, he has a portfolio of high level governance skills including strategic planning, financial management, risk management and organisational performance management.

John has been a Board member of PPL since 2015. PPL provide electronic Placement services for the London Insurance market at Lloyd’s of London. As part of this is also Chair of the PPL IT Subcommittee. PPL is pillar of Lloyd’s modernisation program, driving a move to electronic trading.


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