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Maureen McKinney

Maureen McKinney

General Manager Operations , Microsoft

Maureen is responsible for our global Business Process Outsourcing. As part of Microsoft’s Modern journey, she is driving a major effort to modernize BPO capabilities for Microsoft’s Regional Operating Center (ROC) transactions covering contract executions through payment incentives. She is a champion for automation, process standardization, and Microsoft technology platforms to allow the BPO to provide quality service at the speed Microsoft’s customers and partners require. Maureen is responsible for all BPO services across Microsoft Business Operations which includes delivering Transaction Management, eCommerce, Sales Support, Digital Delivery, Incentive Calculations and Partner Support.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Maureen retired from Nike after 23-years. She was responsible for the Strategic Partner Management Office and oversite of ITO services. She has 30+ years of international IT marketplace experience, extensive knowledge of outsourcing practices and has management experience throughout North America, Asia and Europe. She is a frequent keynote speaker at industry forums and is known to challenge the status quo, drive hard for meaningful change and lead the way with dramatic vision.

Maureen lives in Reno, NV with her husband Dave and enjoys Scuba Diving, Porsche Rally’s and all out having fun.


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