Digital Experiences

Trend 1: Conversational customer service and experience

Enterprises once relied on traditional channels like e-mails, the web and SMS messages to facilitate the digital experience. But these channels were siloed, which forced customers to complete their interactions within each channel. The need for collaboration led to new communication channels like Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp Business, which removed the silos and created a consistent omnichannel experience. Demands for a personalized experience have led to more interactive conversations between customers and fulfillers through these channels. Powered by interactive chatbots and integrated across modern channels, traditional customer care centers are evolving into customer experience centers.

A major telecom company built a cognitive chatbot solution in partnership with Infosys to provide automated query resolutions and better collaboration across their global tax audit team. For their chatbot system, Infosys implemented the multichannel IBM Watson with Genesys solution and, to modernize their contact center, they utilized Amazon Connect (an AWS CCaaS Platform).

Digital Experiences

Trend 2: Micro feedbacks and nudges to continually enhance the user experience

Managing customer feedback and preferences via digital experience management fosters customer satisfaction and new business opportunities. The customer experience center is fast becoming a customer engagement center with proactive nudges, which combines the customer’s data elements, past interactions and current preferences. This new customer engagement framework allows enterprises to address and resolve a customer’s immediate needs in a timely manner.

Infosys partnered with a UK-based consumer goods company to reimagine the digital experience through their cognitive-first approach. Moving away from traditional channels like e-mails, the digital experience is now powered by the Live Enterprise Application Management Platform, along with Digital Brain, to bring in a proactive nudge framework for various personas. The intelligence is derived by the agents working on top of a knowledge graph, and the experience rendering is personalized for different roles.


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