5G-powered digitization promises to accelerate connectivity-led transformation in an increasingly hyperconnected world, ushering in a new range of possibilities for both individuals and enterprises. 5G provides superfast data rates, massive traffic capacity and ultra-low latency than any existing wireless technology. The potential of 5G facilitates the realization of many innovative use cases that can make technology increasingly purposeful.

Adapting to market dynamics: the three horizons
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Fully autonomous cases

E2E automation capabilities using 5G use cases and zero touch operations across landscapes

Key Patterns

Applications and services

  • Use case related to autonomous actions which require high reliability and coverage of networks
  • Primarily driven by E2E autonomous needs and zero touch

IT systems and platforms

  • Real-time network capabilities
  • E2E orchestration
  • Multi-cloud
  • Cognitive and fully autonomous operations

5G infrastructure and connectivity

  • Pure play 5G networks and highly dense networks
  • Ultra-low latency networks
  • Commoditization of the site infrastructure
  • vRAN
  • B2C dynamic network slice-based on usage type
  • Multi-cloud control plane
  • Slice at MEC



Utilize data generated from use cases, connect multiple use cases

Applications and services

  • Use cases involving low latency and edge applications for better end customer experience, like cloud gaming
  • Primarily driven by faster processing using 5G

IT systems and platforms

  • Network Slicing
  • Edge orchestration
  • Hybrid / Multi-cloud
  • AI / ML Based Zero Touch Operations

5G infrastructure and connectivity

  • Growth in 5G SA Deployments
  • 5G small cells
  • Private networks using 5G SA
  • 5G edge with hyperscalers / own MEC solutions (like HPE)
  • ORAN / VRAN Radio Unit / Distributed Unit / Centralized Unit (RU / DU / CU) with GPU
  • VoNR / VINR
  • Network slice for B2B
  • CNF - Packet CoreGateway - UPF
  • CNF - Packet Core Controller and Control Panel
  • CNF - CHF & PCF
  • Network slice, packet core and access



Basic building blocks like AR/VR applications, or standalone robots or video analytics

Applications and services

  • Use cases evolving from 4G, addressing higher throughput 5G scenarios, like Cloud VR based remote assistance
  • Primary driven by 5G additional throughput needs

IT systems and platforms

  • Network orchestration
  • Network OSS automation and RPA
  • Inventory federation
  • Fiber service delivery and deployment automation and RPA
  • Hybrid cloud

5G infrastructure and connectivity

  • 5G spectrum strategy
  • 5G NSA and SA deployments
  • Private networks with 4G base
  • Hyperscaler edge activities
  • Fiber rollout
  • eNode B
  • MME & SGW
  • RAN / ORAN
  • Virtual PGW
  • VNF - Packet Core Gateway
  • VNF - Packet Core Controller and Control Pane
  • VNF - CHF and PCF

Key trends across 5G subdomains

Manufacturing: Smart factories and more

Trend 1

5G enables AI, predictive and preventive analytics to turbocharge smart factories

An important benefit of the smart factory is its ability to automate repetitive, labor-intensive, and potentially dangerous tasks. AI coupled with preventive and predictive analytics can prevent unplanned downtimes, which can be a major impediment to maximizing productivity for manufacturers.

Trend 2

5G-enabled remote monitoring of production machinery, and asset tracking enhances safety and efficiencies

5G implementation allows for remote monitoring and controlling of production assets, a trend that will be even more notable in a post-COVID world. Operators can track operations in real-time through software systems remotely.

Discrete manufacturing: IT-OT intelligent integrations

Trend 3

5G powered remote operations and maintenance boosts efficiency across the value chain

Remote operations and maintenance are becoming important enablers to enhance remote operability, sustainability and monitoring in real-time for enhancing efficiency across the value chain.

Trend 4

5G influences accelerated adoption of unmanned technologies like robotics, autonomous and drone systems

Manufacturers are accelerating the adoption of unmanned solutions to achieve higher efficiencies in the supply chain, logistics, surveillance and monitoring.

Connected Vehicles: Internet of Mobility

Trend 5

5G-enabled connected car platforms is a winning proposition for all stakeholders

Vehicles interacting with the cloud in real-time via 5G provide important alerts to the enterprise about location, operational parameters and emergency alerts. This data can be used by various stakeholders of the ecosystem like vehicle owners, dealers, insurance providers, traffic regulators and others to enhance the system efficiency, reduce the cost of operations, improve overall safety and enhance sustainability.

Trend 6

5G makes vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication pervasive

The impact of advanced technologies on the connected vehicle industry has made communication, information and control an everyday aspect. 5G-enabled telematics control units (TCUs) help V2X communication smoothly lay the infrastructure for automated driving and elevates automotive safety, reliability and user experience.

Energy and utilities: Improving operational efficiency

Trend 7

A mobile workforce empowered by 5G delivers increased efficiencies

The utilities industry is asset-intensive and invests significant time and money in managing and maintaining them. Today, asset management is handled by thousands of field technicians manually inspecting the sites spread across vast geographical regions.

Trend 8

5G-enabled solution to contain the risks of wildfires and power outages

Vegetation management is a top priority for utilities and is the most important lever to mitigate risks of wildfires and power outages. A complete view of the current and forecasted vegetation states is critical for an effective workflow to mitigate these risks.

Financial services: Strengthening control and security

Trend 9

5G-led remote supervision of financial devices reduces cost and time to market

Testing at-the-site devices is challenging, especially for ATMs or points of sale, as it is expensive to ship them offshore to test.

Trend 10

5G strengthens autonomous security

Testing is not only limited to devices - mobile applications developed for customers and employees need to be tested in ways that simulate user interactions. 5G, when combined with quantum cryptography, can help test and secure mobile banking applications and the data within.

Retail: Building connected stores

Trend 11

Connected retail stores with 5G, Edge

Building smart stores and creating interactive user experiences using 5G and edge computing are priorities for retailers. Edge devices such as sensors and cameras in stores can help understand product interactions and movements in the store.

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