Service Management

Trend 13: Business outcomes become the new measure of service management

One of the key trends in service management is the move from IT SLAs to business KPIs. Most organizations face the watermelon effect. From the outside, their IT metrics are green, suggesting everything is positive. But from the inside, the business looks red, indicating end customers are not happy, and business is suffering as a result. To combat this watermelon effect, tools like HP BSM software can help define, monitor and manage business SLAs. AI Ops tools like Moogsoft and BigPanda correlate IT metrics to business KPIs and predict and forecast what can go wrong so that proactive interventions can be made.

A large insurance client of Infosys had frequent issues with on-time adjudication of claims. Although their IT SLAs were being met, they were penalized for the issues. To alleviate the problem, Infosys partnered with the client to implement a business control center using our Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to define, monitor and manage their business KPIs. As a result, they could take metrics such as their claims auto adjudication rate and correlate it with underlying IT disruptions, which helped prioritize and resolve any issues and meet their KPIs.

Service Management

Trend 14: Going beyond IT service management to enterprise service management

Enterprises have seen the benefits of processes like ITIL that take a service-centric approach to IT functions to ensure that all lifecycle aspects are addressed systematically. Service management tools like ServiceNow and Remedy currently support enterprise corporate functions like HR, finance and facilities and are evolving to support more complex processes like supply chain, logistics and others that go beyond enterprise boundaries.

One of the largest privately owned engineering firms implemented enterprise service management by collaborating with Infosys. The client’s business and IT functions now operate out of one consolidated cloud-based platform based on Infosys’ ESM Café built over ServiceNow, which has made them a fastmoving, ready-for-anything live enterprise.


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