#EachforEqualIWD 2020 @ Infosys

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, let us all join in and do our small bit to make this big point.

Everyone is treated equally, assuming they benefit from the same support.

Everyone is treated equitable, so they get the support they need to get equal opportunity.

There is no barrier causing inequality, so systemic support is not needed.


Start by making an = sign with your arms

You could involve a colleague, or for that matter, multiple colleagues. Have fun doing it.


Time to click

Take a picture of yourself or a group making the = sign. Make sure you choose a nice background.


Post the picture on your social media pages

Don’t forget to use the tags #EachForEqual and #IWDAtInfy. Do mention the URL www.infosys.com/eachforequal so others can participate too

So, go ahead and lend an arm to a more equitable and equal world. Or in this case, two arms.