Thought Leadership

Relevant Problems, Expert Perspectives

We present diverse solution approaches from business leaders, technologists, domain specialists and industry analysts to a host of industry-relevant problems across Consumer Packaged Goods, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Utilities, and Media and Entertainment. One pertinent industry challenge, several expert perspectives.
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Infosys Insights

A collaborative hub of innovative and leading edge thinking from thought leaders across industries, including our subject matter experts, clients, partners, and industry leaders.
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Being Digital

In order to succeed in an irrevocably digitized world, organizations must renew their core and simultaneously innovate into new frontiers. Discover an insightful series of viewpoints, spanning across industry verticals, about how businesses can accelerate digital adoption to do more, be more.
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Digital Revolution

89% of companies from the Fortune 500 list in 1955 have either become insolvent, been merged or fallen off the business radar by 2014. What does it take to succeed in a world that is being irrevocably digitized?
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