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Forrester report: Infosys helps ATP unlock decades of tennis data to change how fans experience the sport

In 2015, the ATP World Tour embarked on a journey to reinvent the tennis experience for the digital age with Infosys as their Global Technology Partner. In less than two years, the partnership has delivered game-changing initiatives across data, insights and digital experiences.

A Forrester case study explores how Infosys used its proprietary Nia platform for building a data offering to improve fan engagement and reportage. In the words of Murray Swartzberg, ATP SVP Information Technology and Digital Media, “we were content and data rich; the challenge was to start explaining the game statistically, and humanize the data.”

By analyzing over 25 years of chair umpire data and over 10 years of ball tracking data, Infosys is shaping a new understanding of the sport for fans, players and media alike.

The case study provides valuable learnings for all CIOs looking to do more with their data. It examines how ATP crafted the commercial data proposition through a design thinking exercise and attributes the success of the insight creation initiatives to:

  • Using the right mix of quantitative and qualitative data to design the product
  • Leveraging a specialist from the start
  • Choosing a big data insights platform
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