Digital Process Automation

Trend 5: Power of the cloud to provide a force multiplier for low-code development

Cloud hyperscalers and market leaders are investing heavily in pushing the boundaries of innovation in cognitive AI services such as vision, speech, language and document interpretation. LCNC DPA platforms are in an ideal position to take advantage of the cloud as the enabler for the ease and speed of developing such functionalities. Let’s say you have a business need to create a customer-centric onboarding experience that shortens onboarding time. The low-code solution will weave together the following processes:

  • Enabling vision services to scan and validate ID documents securely
  • Using decision services to make real-time underwriting decisions
  • Automating routine data-update screens from third-party registries using cloud RPA
  • Tying together the end-to-end process through a process management engine

With LCNC DPA, citizen developers are now able to build powerful, smart process applications. Infosys invested in unique solutions like FastApp and BotFactory to ease the development experience for citizen developers on DPA platforms. BotFactory is an Infosys catalog of several hundred microbot services. FastApp provides a simplified environment for users to import existing business process modeling notation (BPMN) processes. It offers tools like UI screen templates and interaction APIs to build configurable workflows.

Infosys built more than 300 processes in only 10 months from SharePoint/IBM BPM/custom workflows to an open-source DPA platform leveraging the Infosys IP and FastApp.

Digital Process Automation

Trend 6: Process mining and optimization drive digital process automation

In a complex modern landscape, typically any endto- end process spans across multiple systems, steps and people. This is especially true on the backdrop of multiple ERPs and diverse teams. Before optimizing the end-to-end experience or delivering business efficiency outcomes, you must first understand the issues that impact the experience. It is also critical to know where the process is broken and where to find optimization opportunities.

Process mining augments the DPA journey synergistically. Process mining platforms like Celonis allow business-oriented developers to build visualizations of the end-to-end journey along with a custom analysis. The insight from process mining is now connected to the right automation lever - a bot or a process workflow - to complete the Sense to Evolve cycle.

Infosys supports a Global Process Excellence COE for a FMCG company to use process mining, modeling and downstream automation for end-to-end process excellence.


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