Age of Possibilities


The Metamorphosis of the CIO

“Tell me what your business wants and we will find a technology innovation.” As implausible as it may have sounded a few years ago, this really is the top priority of the modern CIO. The writing on the wall is clear – active CIO involvement in business is the only way to prepare enterprises for the future.

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Why the Shared Economy is Really the Access Economy

We are living in an extraordinary moment in history – where consumers value access more than ownership, and this makes economic sense too. What are the drivers of this new economic reality? How can businesses prep themselves up for it? Read on to learn more.

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Data, Data Everywhere: How can it be Monetized?

Deriving insights from petabytes of information assets cannot happen in a silo. The data boundaries created by legacy technologies must be brought down, in order to create a boundary less enterprise where data flows freely and can be easily harnessed to get a complete and a granular view of the business.

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Preventive Medicine, the Future State

Over the next two decades, medicine is slated to change from its current reactive form of treatment, to a more proactive, personalized form. As the industry takes its first steps towards preventive medicine, we explore the factors driving this change, the challenges and the opportunities.

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