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Game, Set, and Match - Data

Over the past few years, analytics have been contributing to the growth and popularity of tennis. In this article, the leader of IT and Digital Media at ATP discusses how this rapidly evolving field is transforming tennis for all stakeholders – players, organizers, and aficionados.

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Performance, Schedule, Cost Conundrum in Large Commercial Aircraft Design

Many events and concerns have shaped the large commercial aircraft industry – from deregulation in the U.S in the late 1970s, to the more recent strengthening of the Dollar against the Euro. What are the biggest concerns for the industry today and how can these be addressed? The CTO of Spirit AeroSystems Inc. provides answers in this article.

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Digital's Next Stop - Farming

Digital technologies are beginning to transform farming, and hold the potential to resolve the growing food demand by maximizing yield and minimizing resources and waste.

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