Infosys Insights has been envisioned as a collaborative hub of innovative and leading edge thinking from thought leaders across industries. Contributions from our subject matter experts, clients, partners, and industry leaders bring this journal to life. We treat every topic as a vibrant dialogue among thought leaders ─ through analyses, opinions, perspectives, success stories and research findings.

Renew the Old. Build the New.

Renew the Old Build the New In this issue, the spotlight is on the organizational mission of Renew-New. As bits reshape atoms in everything around us, starting to irrevocably change the way we live and even think, organizations are confronting a new world order, sometimes even struggling to survive. In order to succeed, they must renew their existing systems, processes, and mindset, and simultaneously explore new, unknown areas of technology, business, and problems.

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Human Revolution

Embarking on a Human Revolution In the inaugural edition, we bring you a case for embarking on a ‘Human Revolution’. As we move towards an irrevocably digitized world, technology is amplifying our potential, our intellect and our collective imagination and creativity.

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