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A Telecom DNA with a Digital Personality

Digital services may make or mar the prospects of telecom companies. With the industry at crossroads, we bring you a conversation between Peter Sany, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TM Forum, and Avi Kulshrestha, Industry Head – Communications, Media & Entertainment Europe and Global Head Telecoms OEM, Infosys. This discussion elaborates on how telcos can reinvent their offerings to morph into digital enterprises.

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Amplifying Human Potential with Robotic Automation

Industry 4.0 is the holy grail of manufacturing. As we brace ourselves for an impending revolution, Nampuraja Enose, Principal Consultant – Industry 4.0 at Infosys, reached out to Michael Haag, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, KUKA Roboter GmbH, for insights into the future of manufacturing, the paradigm of digital services, and the role of robotics automation in bringing about the next industrial revolution.

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Ubiquitous and Cognitive AI will Redefine our Everyday Experiences

Enterprises are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to craft solutions that make smart decisions, amplify human creativity, complete high-precision operations, optimize costs, and much more. This article explores what AI is doing for the world, and how it will transform the future.

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Gamification: Building New, Meaningful Experiences

Gamification is the go-to idea today for making consumers love brands, buy products, and stay loyal. We analyze this trend through one of the most resounding gamification success stories the world has ever witnessed — Pokémon Go.

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