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The Future for Industrial Services: The Digital Twin

The next big thing in industrial services will be about accurately forecasting the future of physical assets through their digital twins. Experts from GE take you behind the scene on how GE created an intelligent, IoT-based industrial monitoring and diagnostics platform that’s setting new standards.

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Moving to Distributed Systems: Blockchain and the Standards Opportunity

With the growing popularity of blockchain technology, days of the static, offline ledger are numbered. In this article, we examine the enthusiasm towards its adoption and the importance of standards in ensuring its hassle-free, global implementation.

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Bit by Bit: How AR and VR are Entering the Real World

Most of us understand augmented reality and virtual reality in the context of entertainment; not many of us can fathom the sheer impact these can have in our daily lives — until now.

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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Bring Productivity and Economic Health Back to Financial Services?

With financial services advancing into the digital age and Fintechs disrupting the landscape, banks are struggling to adapt. We explore the threats banks face from these new entrants and why artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are key to reinventing themselves.

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