Digital channels and interfaces

Trend 4: Experiential, immersive, spatial, and hybrid UIs enhance experiences

UX has become more 3D, social, experiential, embodied, and persistent. Advanced untethered or standalone devices drive immersive digital experiences with robust real-time 3D applications.

Devices like Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest Pro, and HoloLens are set to boost developments in spatial computing. In such scenarios, environmental scanning/mapping is done to get a detailed representation of real-world surfaces to create true/ seamless hybrid experiences. Digital twins can also be used in industries as disparate as healthcare, energy, financial services and manufacturing - creating dynamic, virtual representations of complex systems using both operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT). The twin reduces operating cost, extends equipment life in manufacturing and energy, and troubleshoots known vulnerabilities in real time, leading to greater value capture.

AI and GenAI drive adoption by auto generating content, including images, virtual worlds, and lifelike avatars. Enterprises can harness this evolution for employee engagement, hybrid workplace, collaborative work, training, digital twins, self-help, and remote field force assistance, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Infosys has developed a Meta Quests 2 experience for a large American bank to attract a younger, web-savvy audience. This immersive solution fosters innovative customer acquisition, product marketing, and brand promotion within the virtual world.

Digital channels

Trend 5: Conversational channels deliver human-like experience via avatars

2D/3D avatars are virtual representations that immerse users in a shared virtual world, fostering engaging collaboration. They create a safe environment for confident virtual communication. Advancements in lip sync, animations (walking, hands, eyes movements), and facial expressions make avatars more lifelike. GenAI enhances text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and language translation, enriching the overall experience.

Infosys has developed a private metaverse for a large American consulting firm to shape the future of work. Audit managers select predefined avatars and customize attires, accessories, and more. These avatars engage in training, meetings, onboarding, and other activities.

At the AWS re:Invent 2022, an annual developers conference, Infosys introduced a personalized avatar showcase. Visitors had their photos transformed into 3D avatars placed in virtual environments such as castle, playground, etc., and they received a personalized digital souvenir video of this unique experience.