Governance, risk, and compliance

Trend 9. Live institution

The ongoing expansion of IoT — combined with the steady rise of 5G — will greatly increase the number of devices and applications that security teams need to protect. Institutions' integrated risk management programs enable digital innovation through the establishment of comprehensive planning and governance groups. To protect student information, these groups need to address security, privacy, and risk issues simultaneously.

Institutions are building capabilities like live insights of their performance data and resource utilization accompanied by timely alerts and notifications. This allows institutions to be more predictable and responsive.

Institutions are adopting live enterprise principles to become relevant, current, and capable. These principles include event-driven actions; self-service business processes; seamless collaboration; anytime, any device accessible information; and guided practices. These help institutions not only operate optimally but also predict outcomes.

Governance, risk, and compliance

Trend 10. Advanced project and program management

The higher education community is under significant pressure to change in all sorts of ways. Initiatives include efforts to become more operationally efficient and effective, improve student outcomes, increase access to higher education, control costs, recruit and retain top faculty and researchers, and many more.

Effective transformation takes an institutionwide approach to improve and enhance organizational and talent models, operating processes, technology, and leadership. Institutions are adopting lean and agile methodologies to ensure quick return on investment by incrementally improving the stakeholder experience. Institutions are adopting industry best practices in project management and office governance and to deliver on schedule and on budget.