Institutionwide services and infrastructure

Trend 7. Digital process automation

Institutions are consolidating multiple support channels (email, chat, phone, web) under a single umbrella to help students, parents, and staff easily raise service requests. This allows optimization of support staff's time and efforts, while effectively supporting the users from multiple channels. A single dashboard view of all support requests streamlines the system and delivers consistent responses.

One of the top goals of smart campuses today is to optimize the maintenance and utilization of physical spaces. This is often accomplished with devices that are paired with IoT sensors, AI, and robotic process automation. Institutions enhance the student experience through smart cards, digital attendance, digital signage and wayfinding, and facial recognition for room and resource access.

These technologies are incorporated into almost every new building and are designed to comply with the institution's smart campus principles. The technology architecture of each building is plugged into and supports a robust and secure data platform, integration capabilities, automation, and analytics.

A leading workforce solutions provider in the U.S. implemented omnichannel and selfservice support to students that reduced agent handling costs. The Infosys-built, cloud-based virtual assistant addresses frequent student requests via Microsoft Teams chat, web chat, SMS, and voice channels.