Our Pride


The flavour you picked at the gelato bar; that’s an option.
The browser you are watching this message on; that’s choice.
The movies you watch, the songs you tap your feet to; that’s preference.
But gender identity. And sexuality. That’s not choice.
That’s who we are.
That’s non-negotiable.
And we embrace it with pride.
LGBTQIA+ is a spectrum. Not options we choose from.

National coming out day 2020

At Infosys, our difference makes all the difference. By advocating an inclusive and safe work culture, we learn about where we are going and how we get there together. Embracing diversity as the very fabric that builds our foundation, we celebrate individuality and personal identity that help define you. So embrace your true self and bring your whole self to work! #ForwardWithInfosys

World of Pride

Awareness programs and events are held to foster inclusion. To create a culture of appreciation for all, we have hosted a learning series, celebrated important milestones and shared personal stories through human libraries and blogs. Interviews with experts and famous personalities from the community are hosted on InfyTV. We also organize industry roundtables for sharing and learning from the practices adopted by various organizations for the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community.