Komal Jain

Komal Jain

Senior Vice President, Head High-Tech Industry, Infosys

Komal is a Senior Vice President at Infosys and currently heads the High-Tech industry for North America and Europe. He carries rich experience in Business strategy, New Sales Development, Global Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

Today, Komal enjoys working closely with High Tech companies to overcome the disruptions of digital and cloud natives. Komal continues to help CXOs embrace cloud transformations, push the boundaries on product innovations and apply advanced analytics to reduce wastage and enhance productivity. He also specializes in tech-led transformations of blitz-scaling start-ups and unicorns that tap into Infosys’ industry-best 4Es, i.e., Efficiency, Experience, Economics, and Engineering excellence.

Komal is also the diversity and inclusion sponsor for the Communications, Media, and Hi-tech industries. Something that he is very passionate about. As a member of the Executive council, Komal also owns the responsibility of risk management and mitigation of these three key industry verticals.

Komal has a Master’s in business administration from the Indian Institute of Management and B. Tech in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas, with his loving wife and two young boys.

At a personal level, Komal cares deeply about making education affordable and accessible to all the children in this world. He believes that only through education we can alleviate social inequality and injustice.