Data privacy

Trend 17: Privacy compliance becomes key to digital transformation

Digital transformation amplifies business processes, products, services, and customer experiences. In this data-driven landscape, privacy is crucial for successful transformation. Safeguarding the personal data of customers, employees, and partners fosters trust, loyalty, and competitive advantage in a regulated market. It curbs breaches, bolsters confidence, and provides a competitive edge.

A global company wanted to upgrade its website for enhanced user experience, workflow, and global reach while maintaining privacy compliance. Infosys digitally transformed the website using HubSpot for marketing and communication. The firm tackled consent and privacy compliance challenges for third-party platforms like HubSpot and MS Azure by adhering to GDPR and CCPA standards. This enhanced customer confidence and reliability.

Data privacy

Trend 18: Customer trust hinges on robust privacy controls

In today's digital world, customers are increasingly concerned about their privacy. They are more likely to do business with companies that have a strong reputation for protecting data. Additionally, many countries have strict privacy regulations, and businesses that want to operate in these markets must comply with these regulations. Privacy controls are essential for businesses to build customer trust and protect data. Strong privacy controls reduce data breach risks, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. Customers are more inclined to share accurate information when they trust a company's commitment to data protection. Enhanced customer satisfaction improves brand reputation and provides repeat business.

A major Belgian cross-border delivery service provider manages sensitive data across hybrid systems (on-premises and cloud). This necessitates strict adherence to Article 30 of GDPR relating to data governance. The firm, in collaboration with Infosys, established a data platform that categorizes and secures information and helps achieve 100% GDPR compliance. The platform safeguards offshore data through automated masking. Enhanced privacy controls boosted revenue, data integrity, customer trust, and experience.