Infrastructure security

Trend 1: Developments in microsegmentation enable zero-trust alignment

Microsegmentation, once error-prone and disruptive, has evolved to become more focused and ROI-driven through modern advancements. Both host-based and network-based microsegmentation options allow for customized solutions based on the customer's environment. It enables precise infrastructure segmentation and a least-privilege access approach, rooted in zero-trust principles. Microsegmentation achieves a dual goal — minimizes blast radius and eradicates lateral movement — bringing organizations closer to a zero-trust alignment.

A major US financial organization, in collaboration with Infosys, is currently engineering a microsegmentation solution. This endeavor is particularly challenging because of the enterprise's extensive Kubernetes deployment with multiple tenants. Infosys is designing the solution to first establish precise transaction visibility and subsequently apply granular zoning rules across all infrastructure and application workloads.

Infrastructure security

Trend 2: Proactive decoys and lures gain prominence for advanced cybersecurity and zero trust

Proactive lures and decoys, as part of deterring security control, will soon become a technology must-have. This cutting-edge technology possesses the ability to comprehend threat patterns and mimic attacker behaviors, offering a robust defense mechanism. Infosys' cybersecurity engineering facilitates decoy deployment, policy enforcement against web and insider threats, and early threat detection for swift action. This approach ensures that businesses stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, safeguarding their digital assets and maintaining robust security controls.

A Belgian government organization worked with Infosys to deploy deception technology using lures at the perimeter and within internal shared services like active directory. This initiative has strengthened the organization's offensive security with deeper zero-trust integration and earned customer appreciation.