InStep – An Internship Like No Other

Aaron Thomas
Curtin University, Australia

As an Infosys InStep intern, I was in charge of designing a system that could create datasets to help accelerate the use of neural networks in various fields. As the current limitation in machine learning is the ability to acquire datasets to train models, this project had the potential to vastly increase the amount of machine learning systems on the market. My mentor provided significant guidance and assistance throughout the project to help produce a solid end result.

Aaron Thomas

The project was a huge success as I was able to develop an efficient system that could create datasets in a significantly faster time while also producing better results. The original baseline test that I did took 20 minutes to complete and created 1300 images. After making the adjustments, I was able to reduce the training time down to 2 minutes while also producing more clear and accurate images.

InStep gave me the opportunity not only to grow professionally, but also groom myself personally. I explored many parts of India to witness the diverse culture such as Punjab, Shimla, Goa, Chandigarh, Mysore, New Delhi, Agra and Kerala. While traveling, I gained a solid understanding and appreciation for the culture that resonated around the country. In the end, I gained an invaluable experience that no other internship could have offered.