Stanford Research Lab + AI = Dream Come True

Dev Sharma
Columbia University, USA

My 3 months in India were filled with everything I had hoped for in an internship. From great cultural experiences to lasting bonds to the state of the art Artificial intelligence work, my time with Infosys InStep had it all.

Dev Sharma

During the internship, my team at Infosys collaborated with Stanford's Research Lab to output best in class AI models in text analytics. The foundational experiences gained during the internship strengthened my interest in the field of technology. It felt valuable to contribute on combining new research on multiple fronts to generate the best outputs. We were able to get the best in class results for 6 of the 10 NLP tasks found on the SuperGLUE benchmark. Contributing to the advancement of AI through Infosys was a great feat.

Additionally, I met some great people along the way. From networking, to going on trips together, we had the pleasure of exploring India. Lastly, none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the InStep team who worked hard day and night to organize all of these activities and check in on interns as they progress through their roles.