“I have so many adventures and stories”

Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald
Stanford University, USA

This past summer, I worked as part of the IIMSS team at the Bangalore campus. IIMSS stands for the Infosys Infrastructure Management Solutions Suite, and is a set of solutions that gets sold to outside firms and is specifically built to revamp their IT infrastructure. In particular, one of the features of the IIMSS is its ability to categorize and sort IT requests into different subject areas.

Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald

Right now, this sorting process is hard coded into the system, meaning that a lot of the IT requests are classified incorrectly and are considered false positives. Infosys wants to automate this categorization using natural language processing, and I was assigned to take the first few steps towards making this goal a reality. My project is best described as exploratory. The IIMSS team wanted to know if NLP (Natural Language Processing) could replace their current system. If so, they could then implement this into the actual suite of products. In fact, as I wrote my code, another member of the team would take my code and package it for later deployment/tweaking in the system.

Outside of the actual work I did this summer, I had an amazing time traveling India and making close friends from across the globe! It was definitely a life-changing experience, in a lot of ways. Not only did I get to immerse myself in another culture, but I was able to do so fairly independently, which is a rare opportunity. All in all, I have so many adventures and stories to tell from my time with Infosys, both on and off campus!