Creativity and Design – My Internship in Infosys

Enrico Banks
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

My ten weeks as a UX/UI design intern at Infosys InStep program was an exceptional opportunity that allowed me to work in India on two engaging projects. This involved designing a waste management application to help increase awareness and incentivizing the reporting in order to increase efficiency and usability of the application and ultimately leading to proper waste disposal. Working on this project not only gave me the exposure to current UX/UI industry trends in the industry, but also gave me an opportunity to work with the latest design tools and technologies.

Enrico Banks

I also redesigned a B2B application for a car part manufacturing company. We set out to improve the usability of the interface by making the features needed by the client more accessible and user friendly. Throughout this process we focused on figuring out what information was most important for the client to accomplish their goals, allowing us to identify ways to make the interface more efficient.

While working on these projects, my team gave me the autonomy to be creative and try new things, at the same time they provided me with the feedback, which was necessary to improve the designs. The knowledge and experience gained from this internship would contribute immensely to progress in my career. I believe it was a unique experience that enabled me to gain industry skills, learn about the Indian culture with InStep team’s support, and network with students from some of the top universities around the world.