An Internship That Helped Me Grow

This past summer, I interned abroad in India at Infosys at the InStep program. This transformative experience gave me the opportunity to engage and interact with people from all across the globe and experience India’s rich culture and innovative technology first-hand.

Grace Hu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Grace Hu

Initially, I worked on forecasting valuation pricing in the stock market with a machine learning driven approach. A few weeks into the internship, I was introduced to another exciting project and decided to take that on too! I was also a part of a team developing a cost-effective simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) robot targeted for use in developing countries. On a daily basis, for both projects, I worked in an agile environment and collaborated with my cross-functional teams to further refine the algorithms to be efficient, compatible, and feasible for real world use. In addition to the projects, I participated in an intern hackathon, where I redesigned Infosys’s internal online learning platform to incorporate adaptive learning.

I really appreciated the trust and mentorship I received throughout the internship — this really helped me explore and uncover new passions and further refined my career aspirations of tackling real-world problems and bringing about social good using computer science and engineering! This intercultural learning experience not only helped me expand my global network and community, but also helped me grow as a student, an engineer, and as a person.