My Internship Was Much More Than Just My Project

James Yang WoMa
Stanford University, USA

I arrived at Infosys, Bangalore campus on June of 2018. My project was to natural language processing techniques to increase relevance and efficiency of document retrieval, in other words create a search engine. My experience at Infosys, however, was much more than just my project. First, I had the opportunity to travel all over India, including flying to Pune to meet my mentor, bussing to Mysore and Kerala for our intern retreat, and visiting my friend who was working in Pondicherry. We also had plenty of fun events, including Bollywood Dancing, Ping Pong tournaments, speaking with the CEO and the founder of Infosys, and of course our annual Infosys Instep Hackathon. Through my main internship project, we were able to architect and implement a search engine complete with phrase extraction, indexing, and re-ranking. Through my hackathon project, we were able to elegantly visualize the hidden layers of neural networks and eloquently explain the decision making of these complex algorithms. Not only did I bond with fellow foreign interns who were also adjusting to Indian culture coming from Germany, Barcelona, France (just to name a few) but I was also able to make lasting friendships with Infosys employees through work and through the hackathon; I still keep WhatsApp on my phone so I can stay in touch with these friends!