“I am an InStep-er for life”

Kota Furuhata
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

I can confidently say I had a life-changing experience this past summer in the InStep program. I met people from all walks of the world and made friendships I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I traveled to different corners of India and explored six uniquely diverse cities. I immersed myself in Indian culture and delved into Indian cuisine, music, dance, and entertainment. And most meaningfully, I worked alongside the incredible Global Academic Relations team at Infosys where I organized and executed InStepHacks, a business/tech competition.

Harpreet Singh

During my work as an intern, I hosted a competition aimed to (1) boost and facilitate intern-employee engagement and (2) to provide a platform to new ideas and technological innovation. After five weeks of preparation, I managed to persuade three senior vice presidents to attend and speak at our kickoff-event, created four incredible real-time problem statements, and convinced over 120+ attendees to partake in the competition – the most in company history. As the intern in charge of the competition, I was fulfilled to see how excited the interns and employees were to work collaboratively and tackle one of the problem statements.

Looking back, I can only smile at the experience I had over the summer. I'm proud to say I am an InStepper for life.