Infosys InStep – The Best Conversation Starter, Always!

Priya Chatwani
Stanford University, USA

I look back on my summer in India with fond memories. In fact, it is often the way I start a conversation or interview because it allows me to talk about an impactful period of personal growth. While interning at Infosys as part of the InStep program, I was able to meet people from around the world, immerse myself in Bangalore’s bustling environment, and build technical skills.

As part of my intern project, I helped automate the accessibility testing of Android mobile applications. This testing feature would allow Infosys to have a more comprehensive ranking of a mobile application by taking into account the application’s accessibility features. I began this project by trying to use my mobile apps with my eyes closed, with the sound off, and with the screen reader on. While I will never understand what it is like to use a mobile app with a visual or hearing impairment, my research allowed me to better understand the importance of features I previously saw as trivial, such as an adjustable font size or alternative text labels.

Outside of the time I spent at my desk, I also enjoyed visits to Chai Point throughout the day, participated in the on-campus Zumba and 5k race, and frequented the many different dining options. Whenever I wanted a break, I would walk around the campus, enjoy the fountains and ponds, and maybe sit on the bench across from the library to read a book. On top of that, my friends and I had the chance to visit downtown Bangalore thanks to the generous cab policy. Almost every night, we took a cab outside of Electronic City, allowing us to shop in Koramangala, have dinner on 100 Feet Road, or getting our hair done in Indiranagar. I also traveled with my intern friends to Kochi, Coorg, Hyderabad, and Goa. Infosys even took us to Mysore! I feel so grateful for my experience working and living abroad, and it has most definitely contributed to my sense of self and fulfillment.