An Unforgettable Professional, Cultural, and Interpersonal Experience!

This summer I was a part of the Infosys Instep internship program and overall I would consider this an amazing opportunity for my professional growth, a lifetime cultural experience and a great addition of exceptional people in my life.

Ourania Parousi
SDA Bocconi

Ourania Parousi

So, let’s start the story from the beginning. I heard about the internship in a career event in SDA Bocconi where I was pursuing my MBA and was immediately fascinated by the opportunity to travel so far from home, explore a new country and in the same time work with one of the best companies in technology.

As soon as I arrived in India everything exceeded my expectation! Starting from the impressive campus of Infosys in Bangalore, the welcoming InStep team and of course the beauty of India. Since day one I was extremely motivated and excited to start learning about the latest technologies, as well as exploring India! Soon I met all the interns, made new friends from all over the world, travelled in more than six different cities in India, tried new tastes, worked on extremely interesting projects with great mentors and even attended meditation classes on the campus.

My internship project was on detecting the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities across eight industries and providing recommendations and an actionable plan to position Infosys as a leading cybersecurity platform provider. My recommendations were focused on internal investments, strategic partnerships and training programs to grow our awareness as well as our customer base. The project was a great personal accomplishment as I presented to the Instep team and my mentor and got feedback on how valuable my ideas were and how the company can implement them in the short and long term. Apart from that I had the opportunity to be a part of an internal hackathon on a banking business model transformation challenge and with my team we provided a customer focused ecosystem solution to transform the business model of retail banking.

Overall, this experience was really unforgettable but it was not just an experience, it was like learning a new alphabet. And this alphabet was the beginning of my career in tech: A for AI, agile and automation, B for blockchain, C for cloud and cybersecurity, D for digital and E for e-computing… And these are not only letters and words for me right now, they are a part of my hands-on experience and my professional growth.

Personally, I love getting to know new cultures, meeting people from diverse backgrounds and traveling. Therefore, I couldn’t be more satisfied of my decision to join Infosys and I am a proud ambassador of the company and the internship program! Namaste!