Real, Vivid, Exciting – My First Work Experience at Infosys!

Sithu Win Than
Curtin University, Australia

I interned at Infosys InStep during the 2018/19 winter batch. The project that I had worked on was Real Time Analytics using Deep Learning technology. This was the first time outside of my studies that I had applied my knowledge to the real-world scenario. Furthermore, it allowed me to expand my abilities while delivering the product as well as develop my interpersonal skills of dealing with clients and working together in a team environment.

Sithu Win Than

The InStep internship also provided me with an opportunity to explore vivid cultures in India and learn new things outside my academic field. It helped broaden my cultural understanding and allowed me to gain different perspectives.

I would highly recommend this internship opportunity to anyone that wishes to take the next jump in life by broadening both your knowledge and cultural experience, as the opportunity enables an individual to grow as a person and try things that you may not have tried before.