From Intern to Employee – My Infosys Journey

Tanya Mathanda
SDA Bocconi, Italy

My Instep Journey started with a campus information session I decided to attend at the last minute. I had heard of Infosys but was not entirely sure what they did or what kind of internships they were offering. I also did not know much about the technology industry and where I could fit in. I had no idea how life changing the session would be for me. After hearing more about the internship and the great opportunity the company offered, I decided to apply and was accepted!

I started my internship in June 2017 in the horizontal marketing division of Infosys. The next 8 weeks living and working on the Infosys campus in Bangalore was inspiring. I learned and experienced so much. I had no previous experience in the technology sector and had no idea the type of impact Infosys had with our clients. My project really helped me to understand how we engaged in marketing campaigns for the horizontal offerings we had and how we worked towards educating clients on our digital footprint in various industries. Apart from these invaluable learnings, I also had the opportunity to meet other interns from all walks of life and made some new friends that I had the opportunity to enjoy experiencing India with. The InStep team also hosted a number of events that really enhanced my experience. From cultural events that gave us the opportunity to learn about Indian culture to a design thinking hackathon that allowed us to work on a design idea with Infosys employees, the team went above and beyond in every way. We also had the opportunity to hear from the founder of the company in addition to the CEO, who spent an afternoon with all the interns.

The summer ended as quickly as it began and before I knew it the internship was over, but not my incredible journey with this amazing company. After my internship I was able to secure a full time position with the marketing department working as a Senior Associate Marketing Manager in the US. I love my team and enjoy my work and have since had the opportunity to go back to Bangalore twice, so now it feels like a second home. The InStep internship was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my professional career and it all started with a split second decision, one which I am very grateful for.