The need for Liberal Arts in a Tech world

Wendy Salto
Trinity College​, USA

Wendy Salto

Often times I find myself arguing with others about the significance of a Liberal Arts education. Yes, there is not a focus on specified areas such as only studying computer science with a concentration in blah blah for four years. However, we are taught very useful skills that come in handy in any field. We are taught to become more adaptable, how to write, how to work in teams, and how to view the world with a broader perspective. My college experience is very different from my friends that are commuters at a big university in Chicago. They are unable to feel the tight-knit college culture exhibited at Trinity College. There are times that I wish I had gone to another college, however, I am fortunate of the education I receive at Trinity. The classes are small, so the professors get to know their students on a personal level. Some professors have even asked me to address them by their first name which is something that I had never experienced until I went to Trinity.

Besides all of the benefits of a liberal arts education, you may be asking yourself what is an anticipated anthropology major doing at a tech company… in India. I never imagined myself going to a different country my first summer of college for an internship. I did not even imagine myself being useful for Infosys InStep. However, the more time I spend here the more I understand that what I am studying in college is related and helpful. I was selected to be one of the social media interns. Working with social media has been something that I have done before, but now I am working on strategies and more concrete things. Anthropologists are useful to have in any industry.

As an anthropologist to get to know a culture you must follow an ethnographic approach. To do this one must completely immerse themselves within a culture. According to the father of anthropology Bronislaw Malinowski, in order to conduct a successful anthropological fieldwork one must do the following things: have scientific aims, live with the people, and make observations. And that’s what I’ve been doing while my time with Infosys. I have been living with other interns from different cultures and nationalities, but I’ve also had the opportunity to live in India for the summer. Eating food that I have never tried in my life. Learning short phrases in Hindi and the traditional language of Bangalore.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for Trinity and what it has allowed me to achieve. Without attending Trinity, I would have never learned about Infosys. I am also grateful for the education I receive at Trinity College because it has helped with my social and speaking skills. Liberal Arts students have a way of using their soft skills to their advantage and that is beneficial in every area.

Wendy Salto is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. After graduating, she wants to spend some time teaching English in another country before settling down in her home city Chicago doing something in marketing or anthropology. Currently, she is one of our two social media interns. A fun fact about her is that she tries to eat strawberries in every country she visits.