InStep Flagship 2020 – COVID-19 Update

Dear university partners, students, parents and all stakeholders,

Greetings from the Infosys InStep family. We hope that you are healthy and safe.

You see, humans are not having the best of their times recently. And we understand that all of us, individually and collectively are doing our best to manage the tasks at hand while adjusting to the evolving global scenario.

As the whole world sees an unprecedented surge in protective measures, as government bodies, medical professionals, scientists, researchers and regulatory authorities ensure safety of every individual, we want you to stay safe, take care of yourself and your family.

And thus, while there are many things which might keep you worried, an internship shouldn’t be one. We have tried to put together some of the queries that might be at the top of your mind regarding the InStep internship. We just want you to know that we are doing our best to make this a valuable experience for you irrespective of changes and contingencies. We ardently hope that these are of help.

1. How is Infosys InStep responding to the COVID-19 global pandemic?

We have a comprehensive pandemics response plan, which is based on WHO and local government recommendations. While we are constantly monitoring the situation, we are also ensuring regular communication with our interns across the world. We are taking several measures like building a virtual platform to support the mentor and intern interactions, ensuring the best coaching practice, and hosting virtually engaging sessions to make the internship experience worthwhile for each InStep intern.

2. Are all offers for the Infosys InStep flagship internship for 2020, still valid?

All offers made and accepted till date for the Infosys InStep flagship internship 2020 are valid and will be honored in a virtual set-up.

3. How is the internship going to take place with the travel restrictions and the growing numbers of the COVID-19 affected cases globally?

We are currently setting up logistics for creating an entirely virtual internship experience from joining to exit, while ensuring a seamless interface between interns and project mentors. We will ensure that this platform is usable from a personal laptop or desktop, with all necessary technicalities being taken care of by our team of technical experts. More details on the virtual platform and its usage will be communicated to the interns via email before their internship start date. For more details, click here.

4. Will the interns be provided with laptops?

With the surge in protective measures around the world, shipping of any equipment has become difficult. Thus, we will not be shipping laptops to the interns until 31 May 2020 after which we will reassess the possibilities. We will however ensure that we set up a fully functional virtual work environment on the interns’ personal laptops without affecting its usual functionalities.

5. Will there be a separate offer letter rolled out considering I might be required to work from their home locations? Will the compensation remain the same?

We are working on this, in case any compensation or paperwork change is required, to enable interns to work from their respective homes, we will make the required changes and keep the interns posted in advance of their joining dates.

6. With the internship happening remotely, what would be the effect on the mentor’s availability?

All of our mentors understand the unprecedented change the world is going through and the pressure it creates on your daily lives. All mentors will remain reachable for the interns to work closely with them on the assigned project right from the mapping of the project timelines which happens early in the internship up until the end. The interns will receive all required guidance and coaching from the mentors. Only the format for doing so will be virtual this year.

7. What would be the mode of communication with Project Mentors and the InStep team provided the difference in time zones and logistical challenges?

Technology has always been an enabler for seamless communication and collaboration at Infosys. We have enterprise-wide collaborative software and platforms in place which facilitate a seamless connection for all our employees and stakeholders. We are also currently in the process of designing and developing an online platform that would facilitate smooth functioning and delivery of the internship. This platform will serve as a common point between interns, mentors and InStep team. Furthermore, there will be an induction program that would serve to introduce the interns to all the policies and guidelines prescribed for and practiced by every stakeholder of Infosys. This induction program will also include introduction for the interns to their mentors. Post the induction program, all interns and respective mentors will connect with each other, devise timelines to complete various tasks required to execute the project at hand with weekly deliverables. Mentors and interns can then agree upon common timelines that would be feasible for them to connect and work on these tasks taking into consideration the different time zones that they would be working in.

8. Certain projects would require specific hardware and software components for implementation. How is Infosys going to provide that?

We are working with our project mentors to optimize the requirement of software and hardware for every project and to ensure that the projects are suitable for a virtual platform. In case of any project-specific requirement arises, the project team will help the intern with the necessary requirements. Additionally, we will help the interns with access to a common software pool to enable smooth work operations.

9. What steps are being taken to enable the following in a virtual setting:

Learning opportunities Cultural Immersion Professional experience

Steps are being taken to ensure that the InStep internship in its virtual format continues to impart the most immersive and valuable experience for all our interns.

Projects are being tailored in a format where the interns pick up new skills and learn to collaborate with a team of professionals from the top echelons of Infosys. We’ll also be conducting leadership sessions and CXO talks to ensure a holistic learning opportunity. Virtual workshops, cultural sessions and multiple competitions are being planned to create an ecosystem of cross-cultural and cross-functional networks amongst all the interns. This will give the interns an insight into multiple different cultures of the world while learning from each other. With the entire world moving on to a system of working remotely and collaborating with work teams from their homes, we are observing a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. Therefore, as the InStep internship becomes virtual it only helps our interns receive a novel experience, as for many it will be a novel experience, getting them used to the new normal of professional life. There will be measures to maintain the professional proficiencies of sticking to deadlines, completing tasks which attribute business values, ensuring discipline and decorum of presenting a professional project.

10. Will Interns have access to necessary online courses that may be required for project work?

Yes, all the interns will be supported with our robust holistic learning solution – LEX, a next-generation learning platform accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.

11. Would completing the internship virtually have an impact on the weightage the internship adds?

Completing the program virtually will take nothing away from the internship neither qualitatively nor quantitatively. The interns will receive their Infosys InStep certificate for completion upon successfully completing their internship with Infosys Limited.

12. I have enrolled for the internship and completed my interview process. With the COVID-19 situation prevalent and my travel chances looking bleak, would I have to undergo the entire process again?

If you have already completed the interview process, then you will not have to go through it again. Our team shall reach out to you regarding a decision on your internship offer within 3-7 days of the interview.

13. Considering the opportunity to travel to India is cancelled, will an InStep 2020 intern get a chance to do the internship later this year or next year?

If the situation improves and travel advisories of governments change in favor of international travel, we will work on creating a plan to welcome the intern to India. Please note we will open travel for InStep interns only after we are completely sure of the situation and are able to ensure safety.

14. Are you accepting new applications?

Yes, we are accepting applications for Summer 2021 now.

15. If I want to talk to someone, who should I get in touch with?

Every InStep intern is mapped to an Internship Coordinator whose contact details are mentioned in the offer letters. For any queries please get in touch with your respective Internship Coordinator. We would also urge you to follow our Social Media pages to receive regular updates on the internship and evolving contingency plans. We are on Facebook (@InfosysInStep) and Instagram (@InfosysInStep).

Have more questions? Write to us at