InStep, an internship like no other

Take up a fulfilling project. Practice yoga. Learn from executive leadership. Build a Global Network. Participate in a hackathon. Welcome to an internship where you have the best of both worlds.


Fast facts

InStep – the flagship global internship program of Infosys

25 Years
3,300 + Interns
220 Partner Universities
70 Case Studies

Quintuple Excellence – A New World- Record

The Infosys InStep internship got the exclusive recognition of being ranked the World’s best internship 5 years in a row by Vault Firsthand.

What is it that separates InStep from all the other internships in the world?

Well, let’s see what InStep offers to its interns that makes all the interns feel so special:

  • Some say, it is the power to choose their own project and work on something they are passionate about…
  • Some say, it is the opportunity to network with incredible minds around the world and have candid conversations with Infosys leaders…
  • Some say, it is the attention and care showered on them by the whole Infosys family – the warmth, the diversity, the inclusivity, and the love…
  • However, what everyone says is that InStep gives them the best summer of their lives…

Making BFFs out of complete strangers, bonding over adversities, growing with learnings, succeeding at challenges and most importantly, loving beyond the norms of every border on the map!


Why Intern @ InStep

To experience the best summer of your life

Work on a real-time project, experience cultural diversity, bring your ideas to life, and discover India with us.

Learn More

20 Years of InStep

Hands on Projects, Strong Deliverables, Life Long Friendships. An Unparalleled Experience.

Founded by Infosys Founder Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy in 1999, discover our journey of becoming the world’s best internship.

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