About InStep

What’s it like to experience the future while it is being made? A select few – 2,000 over the past 20 years – know the feeling. You should too.

Cultures that are worlds apart, unique in their ways yet universal in their outlook. Strategies for leading enterprises that are changing the way the world goes around. Research projects that are on the leading edge of digital innovation. An internship at Infosys is all that, and more.

InStep, the flagship global internship program of Infosys for international universities, attracts minds across disciplines like management, technology and liberal arts, with projects ranging from machine learning to the human facets of leadership.

Whoever said internship is what happens between education and life was wrong. At Infosys, internships are an education in life, a pathway between now and next for the talent from top academic institutions around the world. All while finding a hundred different worlds in India while you find yourself.

InStep in Poland

InStep, our flagship internship had its first batch of interns in the Poland offices in 2020. These interns joined from universities like Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poznań University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology. The interns got a chance to work with Infosys leaders on real-time projects like Data Augmentation for Deep Learning, Developing a Translation Tool, Data comparison in a post-migration scenario, and many more. These projects are designed to help interns gain maximum corporate exposure by working hands-on with latest technologies. All interns successfully completed their projects and were offered full-time roles at Infosys Poland.

Year on year, we intend to build on this fascinating internship in Poland, where the students will not only get an opportunity to choose their own project aligning with their goals and aspirations but also an opportunity to explore full-time roles with Infosys.

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