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When a sports apparel manufacturer wanted to reinvent their customer experience, we leveraged the power of insights. Just think about how difficult it is to really know someone. Their likes, dislikes, quirks. It's so hard. In fact, most of us only really every truly know about 3-5 people at any one time. Now imagine trying to know thousands, no millions of people like that. We figured out a way for this apparel manufacturer to do just that.

We helped them track every interaction that people had with their brand – in-store and online, even on social media. For example, every review read, every purchase made, every catalogue browsing record and the like. This meant studying and recording over 5000 attributes for each potential buyer, and making sense of 35 million data points on a daily basis! Of course, we relied on artificial intelligence, analytics and algorithms to make that happen.

And what this made possible was for the brand to truly understand each person – not just as a record that belongs to a certain customer segment, but as a flesh and blood individual with unique preferences. Just like any of us. And they were able to personalize and contextualize experiences for each of them – simply because they now knew what they didn’t before. That’s digital transformation for you.

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