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Something we did recently for a reputed airplane manufacturer makes for an interesting case story. They wanted to improve the way airline operators maintain the aircrafts they sold to them. Obviously this is very critical – if compromised, even just a little, lives are at risk. Nothing must go wrong.

Our client shared with us a useful nugget of information – that the airline maintenance engineers often found it hard to find product literature to support them on the job. So, we built a secure public cloud platform to host airplane product manuals for on-demand access on any device. Not just to host our client’s literature, but to share this secure cloud facility with all airplane manufacturers – for a fee – so they too could host their own documentation there.

This of course created a new revenue channel for our client - but more importantly we’d found a way to turn risk into reassurance. And made flying safer and a better experience for us all. So, the next time you are on a plane and lean back to relax, just remember you have good reason to.

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