Forward Together

We are resilient. We are one. And we will emerge stronger.

We are stronger than the moment. We are better tomorrow than we are today. Because we know that this is a new beginning. One where we learn to keep growing, keep learning, keep adapting and keep giving. So we can make business better, talent smarter, and communities happier. We cherish our passions, our people, and our families, knowing that we may be apart, but this will only bring us closer. This is our journey. And we are not alone. Let’s keep moving. Forward. Together.

At Infosys, our values prepare us for the future. Led by our common objective of surpassing client expectations, we strive to be accountable, ethical, and fair. Our diverse and remotely located employees have risen to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that we act responsibly, collaborate intelligently, learn continuously, and grow exponentially both professionally and personally.

Stay home stay safe


Fit Infy Family

The pandemic is turning out to be a major stressor for most of humanity, including our employees. At an individual level, it is important to continue being active and create a routine for ourselves. Read stories of how Infoscions across the Global are staying physically and mentally fit.


Difference Makers

The current times have been testing for all, but some of them among us are out there, who begin each day with the intention to make a positive difference in what they do, who they do it with and who they do it for – They are the Difference Markers. Making a difference starts with the heart. Difference Makers have the courage to impact lives and build stronger communities, one step at a time. Read stories of Infoscions who are #DifferenceMakers.


Happiness Projects

From cooking to painting to gardening and more, people went back to old hobbies or learnt new skills or connected more closely with their families amid the lockdown. Here are a few very interesting stories of how Infoscions are utilizing their free time during the lockdown.