Welcome to Infosys Europe, Middle East and Africa

What would happen if

You could find and solve the most important problems – from reinventing business models to using technology to address challenges like disaster prevention, clean water or even the demonization of chocolate (true story)?

You could put your talents to work for the world's most successful and fascinating companies – gaining rich experience with one, before moving on to another and another (without having to hunt for a new job)?

You could innovate with the most dynamic partners in the world – the hottest emerging start-ups along with the global technology giants?

You were part of a company that doesn’t just talk about a culture of learning – but actually runs the world’s largest corporate university and has already trained more than 110,000 employees in design thinking ?

For starters, you’d probably be working for Infosys. You’d probably be excited to come to work every day. And you would have made a very exciting decision about the next stage of your career

Welcome to Infosys!

Where we are

There are approximately 6,000 of us in EMEA, spread across Europe, Middle East and Africa. We have over 15 delivery centers and more than 25 sales offices in EMEA including United Kingdom.

Who is Infosys?

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and next-generation services.

In India, we’re ranked as one of the most admired companies (second only to Google). Here in EMEA, Infosys might not be a household name, but our clients certainly are.

Think of a company you admire in high tech, communications, life sciences or dozens of other industries… Chances are, we are already working with them today – helping them to define next generation digital experiences for their customers, differentiate and accelerate to market, or empower their staff to work smarter and collaborate better.

Our clients include many of EMEA’s (and the world’s) most interesting and successful companies, including four of the five largest banks and eight of the top ten retailers.

They come to us because we bring world-class consulting, technology, processes, execution and most importantly, talent. (That’s YOU!)

With clients like these, you’ll find yourself swiftly building the kind of experience, domain expertise and relationships that could take decades in other companies.

Infosys gives us great exposure to new products and technologies. Furthermore, we have at our disposal the kind of training that helps us address our knowledge gaps.

Problem finders on a mission

Anyone can solve a problem: we all learned how to do that in second grade. But it takes a special kind of person to look beyond the stated problem and see the deeper challenges, the hidden issues that could unlock unimaginable value if we only understood their relevance.

We call those people Problem Finders, and we are building a posse of them at Infosys. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stanford University’s d. School and our own corporate university to train more than 110,000 employees in the last year alone. Our clients are already seeing a difference in the way we engage with them, and they’re excited about it.

But we’re not done. We are bringing these critical skills to each of our 200,000+ employees around the world, from software developers and cloud architects to HR professionals and lawyers. We’re taking great people, and helping them become amazing Problem Finders.

Isn’t that an investment that your career deserves?

The company we keep

Great problems require great teams. We don’t think we have all the answers at Infosys, and that is why we partner with some very smart collaborators to address the latest challenges in digital, cloud, artificial intelligence and other enterprise technologies. Whether you speak SAP or Oracle, Microsoft or IBM, Adobe or VMWare – we speak your language, too.

But we also know that some of the most interesting solutions to tomorrow’s problems will come from companies that aren’t so well-known.

That is why we created the Infosys Innovation Fund, setting aside $500 million to identify and nurture startups around the world that are developing breakthrough ideas. These ideas might range from improving personal air quality to performance optimization for elite professional sports teams. We offer the market development and client validation they need to scale, our clients get out of the box solutions to their problems.

And you get the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most exciting new companies you’ve never heard of. All while enjoying the stability, investments and market reach of working at a multibillion global company listed on the NYSE Euronext London and Paris