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Who we are

The most interesting problems of our times. The most exciting technologies.

We’re equipped to create change for them on a global scale – leveraging local talent, Infosys brings together the best of consulting, technology, processes, execution and most importantly, talent. The world over, we touch billions of lives with the work we do for our clients.

We're navigating many 'nexts' around you

From the next blip-free Black Friday with the cloud to securing the health of your next coffee with blockchain.

It’s all happening in real time, across the globe

From predicting your next call center query using artificial intelligence to generating your next credit score in real-time when you apply for a loan.


Our ecosystem

A collaborative network.

No digital landscape can be an island – it is a connected system of systems. Some build the core, others build on it to make it more agile. That’s why we collaborate deeply with leading technology makers to stay ahead of the curve in enterprise software for cloud, analytics, and applications – SAP or Oracle, Microsoft or IBM, Adobe or VMWare. But we also know that some of the most interesting solutions to tomorrow’s problems will come from companies that aren’t so well-known.

That’s where the Infosys Innovation Fund comes in – to identify and nurture startups around the world that are developing breakthrough ideas. These ideas might range from improving personal air quality to optimizing the performance of algorithms and machine learning. We offer the market development and client validation they need to scale; our clients get out of the box solutions to their problems.



Always-on learning. Always-ready for next.

How do you remain perpetually relevant in times of digital disruption? How can you look beyond what’s stated to see what’s truly possible? We’ve been able to do so by embedding a spirit of learning into everything we do. And it’s not just technologies that we seek to help you master, but also tools and techniques like design thinking that give purposeful direction to your ideas.



Infosys Lex is our next-generation learning app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device for a seamless learning experience. With Lex, you can learn the skills of today and tomorrow, in an interactive way.

Curated next-gen curriculum

Curated next-gen curriculum

With our digital learning platforms get access to next-generation training modules in areas such as creative design skills, machine learning, autonomous technology and blockchain.

Design thinking

Design thinking

We train you at design thinking to unleash your problem finding skills and user-centric solution-building with empathy, rationality and creativity.