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Technology exists, to unite. To connect us. To inspire us. This year, Roland-Garros and Infosys bring you closer, wherever you are. Come #Undistance. Come experience the next.

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The World



#Undistancethe world and the clay

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The Clay
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The Athlete



#Undistancethe athlete and the victory

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The Victory
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The Sport



#Undistancethe sport and the experience

Alexa Commentary
The Experience
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The Dimension



#Undistancethe dimension and the culture

3D Art Museum
The Culture
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The Action



#Undistancethe action and the emotion

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The Emotion
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Behind The#Undistance Experience

Roland-Garros 2021 experience

Bringing you closer in 3D: the Infosys and Roland-Garros 2021 experience

Navin Rammohan

Navin Rammohan VP, Segment Head Marketing, Infosys

Roland-Garros Culture to the World, Virtually

Taking the Roland-Garros Culture to the World, Virtually

Florian Le Moigne

Florian Le Moigne Digital Head, Federation Francaise de Tennis (FFT)




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