Infosys U.S. Education Center in Indianapolis

In November 2018, Infosys started construction on its U.S. Education Center in Indianapolis. This state-of-the-art training campus and residential center for its employees — and the employees of select clients — will prepare the American workforce for the technology jobs of the future, and also begin to revitalize a 70.5-acre site on the West of Indianapolis on the grounds of the old Indianapolis airport terminal.

The company is providing an initial investment of US$35 million to create the first 125,000 square feet of development, transforming the 70.5-acre site into an innovative training center. Infosys’ investment will fund major infrastructure efforts as well as beautification projects. The initial phase of construction will develop a training center and allow for the accommodation of a 250-person residential facility. The finished campus will also include extensive walkways and green spaces as well as recreational facilities. The U.S. Education Center will also serve as a convening ground for the development of advanced digital technologies. Infosys’ initial training programs at the U.S. Education Center will utilize the learnings and best practices the company has acquired and developed through decades of experience running the world’s largest corporate university.

In partnership with academia and education providers, Infosys’ training efforts will combine classroom-based and immersive, real-world learning focused on the skills American workers need to keep businesses on the forefront of innovation, including areas such as user experience, cloud, big data and core technology and computer science skills.

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