A career is an exciting journey – from your first day to every day that you seek something new. Here, you will experience accelerated learning and growth, you will push your boundaries, you will have access to tools and opportunities. Because if you aren’t growing, we aren’t either. It is a symbiotic relationship with a mission-critical focus on you.


Making Every Day Count

Improving lives around them, crafting smarter solutions, turning work into play – look at what some Infoscions have to say about their life at Infosys.


You To The Power Of Learning

Career planning is not a buzzword to us. It is our continuous commitment to you. You can choose a career track, pick a role, and we will help you learn and reskill to fit your choice. Our learning platform Lex will help you assimilate everything you learn, while Compass, our digital career platform, will help you showcase your achievements to attract more opportunities. That’s why it is not just a job at Infosys, it is lifelong employability for wherever you decide to go, whatever you decide to do.